Language, education and travel

In this section we present a compilation of articles by Move your Class and external sources on Education, Language and travel.



Knowing a foreign language doesn't just come in handy while travelling, international relations stand or fall with mutual understanding.

Mind your language; Travelling on the road to peace (by Move your Class).


About how an international incident gets reduced to a catchy oneliner fit for a king and then travelling all through Spanish conversation.

Learn Spanish with King Juan Carlos I (by Move your Class).


Language filters our view on reality and it is at the same time a reflection of this very reality. George Orwell knew this when he wrote 1984, but the "killing" of words is certainly not as fictitious as it sounds.

 Politically correct language; The destruction of words is a beautiful thing (by Move your Class).


Europanto: European language at its best? or total gibberish?

Once upon a time in Brussels.. (by Move your Class)



Way back in the fifties and sixties the Spanish Costa Brava was one of Southern Europe's first tourist hot spots and travel destinations par excellence. Today, after the gold rush, it is time to rediscover and revisit some of the hidden pearls.

 Tossa de Mar; The Costa Brava's beste kept secret (by Move your Class).



Tough love is good for children (from the BBC).

Download The latest University of Cambridge report on Primary Education in the UK.