Practical information

Classes take place 4 days out of 5 starting at 9 in the morning. Choosing the classic option means you will have 4 classes of 45 minutes each until 12.15h. Students who have opted for the intensive course will have an extra session of 45 minutes every class day.

On the first day you will be assigned a group and a tutor according to level. If requested students get an opportunity to take a level test. The maximum number of students per group is 15; however, in most cases class size will be substantially reduced to 12, 10, or less, allowing for an even more individualized approach.

Our Method

You will be taught by 2 different teachers, facilitating a change in style and perspective. This being the case the Move your Class approach always remains the same: We adopt a communicative and inductive methodology, meaning that our emphasis is on the practical, active use of the language. We teach conversational Spanish that can be put to the test straight away. For this purpose we use miscellaneous materials always derived from first rate didactic resources. From this material we induce the vocabulary and grammar necessary to underpin your practical knowledge with a solid frame of reference. Our intensive course will focus even more on the linguistic background, deepening the student's knowledge of syntax and vocabulary with more exercises and examples.

Our practical methodology foments student interaction and motivation while leaving enough room for manoeuvre to differentiate between pupils of divergent cultural and educational backgrounds. We believe in an individualized approach catering for variation in learning pace and needs. In classroom practice, this means a lot of individual attention from the teacher for students who need it. This also involves fellow students becoming part of each others' learning experience. After all, learning a language is hardly a unilateral process.

The advantages of this method are manifold:

Firstly, the practical, conversational angle will even allow a beginner to explore the uncharted waters of a new language and culture from the first week. There is no need for hours of studying to start a basic everyday conversation, provided one makes the effort in class and on the street.

Secondly, as a result of extra motivation generated by this immediate practical use of their new skills, students will embark on an even more rewarding learning curve. After all, the social aspects of communication and the exchange of ideas triggered by multi-cultural interaction between youngsters will contribute substantially to their learning experience.

Our philosophy

This socio-cultural awareness can be considered the edifice of our activities programme. In the end education doesn't stop when "school's out". On the contrary, the philosophy outlined above is what Move your Class stands for as an educational undertaking. It therefore permeates every aspect of our project.