Dear parents,

Speaking an additional language is not only a serious advantage in today's job market; it also expands one's cognitive and cultural horizon. Because language simultaneously defines and is defined by the world around us, learning another language opens one's mind to new ideas and new ways of looking at the world.

The most efficient way to learn a new language is to immerse oneself in its cultural context starting at a young age. Language travel has indeed become very popular over recent years, especially with adolescents. Move your Class has now adapted this format allowing young children to have a first taste of a new language. Our Minicampus gives the little ones their first multicultural bath, while their parents make the most of city, sun and beach.

Move your Class offers a great combination of fun language classes, sports and games, crafts, corporal expression and plenty of imagination. Safety being our main concern, we opted for Tossa de Mar as our location. This lively seaside resort is a friendly and safe destination, accessible from both Barcelona and Girona. Our team of highly qualified professionals works closely together with local authorities and hotels in the area.

The flexible timetable of our Minicampus will enable you to plan your holidays to perfection, and for those who want to have a go at learning Spanish.. our family package allows you to do just that.

This website has been carefully designed to answer most of your questions. If you have any additional queries do not hesitate to contact us or by phone: 0031/20 662 69 33 (The Netherlands) or 0034/665 316 891 (Spain).

Yours Faithfully,
Hans Kohlbacher, Director