A MyC Minicampus is the ideal preparation for formal language education. Here, your children will pick up their first Spanish or English words and expressions in a playful and entertaining way. New concepts such as colours, numbers and useful expressions are taught by means of games, music and crafts. At the same time, your kids get a chance to practise with their friends on our multicultural playground.

Our personal, small scale approach enables us to give your child all the attention he or she requires. This is why a great deal of our activities take place in classes of 5 or 6 children, selected according to age and level. These reduced class sizes allow for an individualized approach in the language of choice. Our combination of total multicultural immersion and individual attention has proven to be very succesful

We also offer a nutritious and tasty meal at midday in a local restaurant. Our menu takes into account the wishes and health requirements of our young guests and their parents.


Family package

Enjoying the sunshine and the beach is what holidays in Spain are all about. But wouldn't it be nice to speak the language as well?

If you answered 'yes' to the previous question, our family package might just be something for you. While your children make the most of our Minicampus you join us at our Spanish academy for some Spanish lessons.