Frequently asked questions

1. From which Airport can a transfer be arranged?

Transfers can be arranged from Girona and Barcelona airports. Travelling time (when traffic is normal) from Barcelona is about 1 hour and from Girona about 30 minutes.

2. On what day do we arrive and leave?

Unless you form part of a group, you arrive on Saturday. In this way you are able to get to know Tossa and get to know your fellow language travellers before classes start on Monday. Departures take place on Saturdays as well. Your room will be available in the afternoon and on departure you have to vacate the room before 12.

3. How is the transfer organized?

A member of our Move your Class team will be there to meet you. That person will carry a 'Move your Class' sign so you can recognise him/her. You will also be given a mobile number to call that person if for some reason you cannot get to him/her. From the airport it goes straight to the hostel where you can meet up with your fellow language travellers. If students arrive at different times or have delays it may be that you will have to wait at the airport before you are picked up. If you have to wait, there will always be a 'Move your Class' team member to assist you.

4. How far away is the hostel from school?

A 10 minute walk

5. How far away is the beach?

There are three beaches nearby, the biggest one is less than 10 minutes away. The beaches are pebble-sand beaches, so do bring your flip-flops to walk on the beach. A 10 minute walk!

6. Does the group leader stay in the hostel?

There will always be somebody from our team in the hostel at all times. So don’t hesitate to contact him or her if you have any queries.

7. Can I stay with my friend in the same room?

Provided your friend is of the same sex, yes. We will do our best to respect your wishes

8. Is it allowed for boys and girls to share a room?

Sorry, no can do..

9. What happens if I do not like my roommate?

Speak to a Move your Class team member and we will do our best to pair you up with somebody else. Do not change rooms yourself as this is not very kind to your roommate and not very safe. We need to know in which room you are in case of an emergency.

10. I want a room of my own. Is this possible?

If specified when making a reservation we will arrange a single room, depending on availablity.

11. What about the food?

Check out our menu here (link)

12. I am a vegetarian, is that a problem?

Not at all, just let us know beforehand so we can inform the restaurant

13. I have a food allergy. What do I do?

You will have to fill out the section about food allergies on our reservation form. We will forward this information to the restaurant.

14. What time do we eat?

In the morning you will have breakfast at the hostel between 8 and 9. In the afternoon you will have lunch from 13:00 onwards. (If you have reserved Full board) In the evening you will have dinner from 19:30 onwards.

15. Do I have to bring along towels and bed linen?

Our hostel provides bed linen and small (hand) towels, but remember to bring a Beach towel and at least one towel to dry yourself after taking a shower.


16. Where can I wash my clothes?

We will show you the way to a launderette nearby which uses coin operated machines.

17. Is there a safe or something to lock away valuables?

You will be provided with a key to your own room. You can leave your valuables in a safe at the hostel for an extra daily charge of 2 euros.

18. What’s the difference between a general course and an intensive course?

No answer to this question has been written out yet.

19. What kind of teaching materials will be used?

Our teachers use up-to-date material taken from different sources. Some copies will be handed out which you can put in your folder (provided by us).

20. Are good school marks necessary to attend a language course?

No, just be attentive and co-operate with the group, and don’t be late for class!

21. Who are our teachers?

They are experienced native teachers from the area.

22. Who are the group leades?

All monitors are young and dynamic professionals with plenty of experience.

23. What kind of activities are offered?

Click here for our programme.

24. Are all trips included in the price?

Yes they are! Move your Class offers an inclusive package, which means you don’t have to pay extra for anything that forms part of the official programme.

25. So how much pocket money do I need to bring?

That’s up to you, but we recommend around €100 a week for emergencies and the deposit for your key.

26. Do I always have to stay with the group or may I do something on my own?

You are expected to take part in all the classes, activities and evening programme as well as the trips. But don’t worry, there will be plenty of free time to hang out with your friends. And on Saturdays you are free to take part in activities or do as you please.

27. What time do I have to go to bed?

Well, this depends on your age. However, on school nights everybody has to be in before midnight. On Fridays and Saturdays we are a bit more flexible.

28. Do you pay attention to abuse of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs?

Underage drinking as well as drug use is illegal in Spain. This is why we adopt a zero tolerance policy with regard to these issues. Anybody breaking the rules will be given up to two warnings. A third infringement will result in immediate repatriation paid for by you.

29. What about the deposit?

The deposit of 50 euros is paid upon arrival and will be given back on the day of departure, provided the room has not suffered any damages and the key is returned. (Any missing, dirty or broken items will have to be paid for). We have introduced this rule to make sure that everybody can enjoy their stay with us in the best possible circumstances.

30. What do I need to take with me?

Don’t forget your passport, Swimsuit, Beach towel, Ordinary towel, Toiletries, Sun cream, Shorts, T-shirts and at least one jacket or sweater for colder days. Yes, it can rain in Spain! A cap or hat, sunglasses. Comfortable walking shoes, sport shoes and a mobile with ICE (In Case of Emergency contact) numbers.

31. How much luggage can I take with me?

Check with the airline you are flying with, normally you are allowed to take 15 to 20 kilos*, and one piece of hand luggage. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING OF VALUE IN YOUR LUGGAGE, LIKE MONEY OR A PASSPORT, USE A MONEY BELT INSTEAD!

Please keep in mind that you need to carry your luggage yourself and that you might want to take some souvenirs home, so don’t bring too much!

* Ryanair only allows 15 kilos