Resources for teachers


Pre school kids and primary Award winning site full of great resources for very young learners, grouped per theme with regular updates.  Don´t let the dreamy design fool you, this site contains some high quality resources.  Very extensive themed resources for little kids. Lots of hands and crafts and games.  Great free printables, worksheets, flashcards and games for pre secondary students.  Plenty of free worksheets preschool to 5th grade.  Useful activities, including reading comprehensions and think/teach green ideas.   Big site containing bags of fun including themed colouring pages, holiday activities and online games to mix it up a little.  Example of one of the great flash memory games on this site. Turn your sound on so you get the full package (American pronounciation).  The inevitable BBC offers a great range of children's programmes and educational games to go with it. Here´s a list.  From the same makers, for even younger players..

Anglomaniacy is a Polish website no less full of fabulous resources. Hats off to all you second language almost native teachers out there ;-)



teenagers - adolescents - Adults Very Extensive, practical and well organised German site. Lots of grammar and vocab to plough through. Moviemaker - choose characters, music etc, write dialogue..  Hilarious! Create subtitles for your own Bollywood Movie.  A bit of fun.. Classic movies reenacted in 30 seconds by bunnies and some classroom resources on the back of it!! Preview for mature content ;-)  A collection of resources both free and for registered users. Strongly recommended: the news lessons!  Signing up for free means access to free downloads, all levels of adult education. Teaching Resources grouped according to age from the American public broadcasters. My favourite:, a great way to introduce teenagers to a difficult topic like jazz and blues. Surf PBS kids for a while and you will come across more of these gems. Equally impressive from het BBC this time. Check out the more than 5.000 clips for classroom use.


All Ages  Resources are plentiful for all ages on this site that makes you think..  Make your own comic our slideshow writing speech bubbles.. in English of course.