Terms and conditions

In these conditions "You" means the student or the student's guardian and "We" means Move your Class.

How to book

1. Send us the enrolment form.

2. We will send you your booking confirmation and invoice.

3. A deposit payment of 150 Euro will be required.

4. Total course fees must be paid at least 30 days before your course begins.

5. Late Bookings: Please send the total course fees and proof of payment if you are booking less than 30 days before the course begins.


How to pay

1. Remember to pay in Euros

2. By Bank Transfer to:

Move your Class

ING BANK - van Galenstraat 14, 1051 km, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



3. By Banker's Draft payable to Move your Class.

4. By cheque payable to Move your Class

5. All bank charges to cover the cost of the money transfer should be paid by the applicant

6. Send a copy of the bank transfer receipt to: Moveyourclass, Elandsstraat 124, 1016 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

7. or email to:


8. With all payments please specify: Student's name and date of arrival



1. These must be made in writing to Move your Class.

2. Fees will be retained according to when notice is received.

* 30 days or more - deposit retained

* 29-8 days - 50% of the total course fees retained

* 7 days or less - total fees retained.*

*We strongly recommend you take cancellation insurance to cover such loss.




Students are not insured by Move your Class. We cannot accept liability for loss of private property or money, or for personal injury. We therefore advise all clients to take our full medical and personal insurance cover prior to departure. Please mark the enrolment form accordingly.


General Information

1. Our rights to expel students: Move your Class reserves the right to expel students who:

* Do not obey the rules of our organisation.

* Break any Spanish laws.

* Abuse the school's staff, subcontractors or fellow students, or who wilfully damage property.

* Bring the organisation into disrepute.

In the event of expulsion being necessary, no course fees will be returned, and additional travel costs must be paid for via credit card or cash.

2. Deposit: A 50 Euros deposit will be charged payable on arrival. This deposit will be refunded on departure provided there haven't been any damages to the room, and the key is handed back. Students are responsible for paying for any damage they cause either in residential or home stay accommodation.

3. Refund: If there is insufficient demand for any of our courses Move your Class reserves the right to offer an alternative course or, as a last resort, to cancel and refund the course fees. If applicable, the student will be informed four weeks before the course start date.

4. Authorization: For students under 18, the following documents must be made available to us: parents or legal guardians authorisation to attend the course, details of people to contact in case of emergency, a copy of the insurance policy contracted for the length of the course, the signed parents or legal guardians authorisation for Move your Class staff to take all emergency measures such as hospitalisation with or without surgery under general anaesthetic.

5. Image rights: Move your Class may take photographs of students in order to illustrate its brochure and web-sites unless his/her parents provide a written and signed refusal in which they stipulate that such images of their sun/daughter may not be used.


If you have any doubts or questions don't hesitate to contact us